I picked up my first camera at a young age and have been a shutterbug ever since. I love to capture that special moment: the reaction to an inside joke, your pets quizzical look that you just can’t help laughing at, the comfort of love, your child’s fascination with the little things (like the bubbles I carry in my pack), the knowledge that you are lovely and happy….

I have found that people are more comfortable in areas that they familiar with such as their home, a local park, or other local area and am therefore happy to travel to your area. My (almost perfect) husband usually comes to assist by carrying extra equipment and making people laugh for genuine smiles.

My style is known as “lifestyle photography.” You may have heard of “photojournalistic” style, which is similar in many ways, but very different in an important way. While I want to capture you and your family as you really are and won’t put you in oddly uncomfortable and obviously posey-poses, I am not going to leave you out on a limb. If you have a hair flying all over the place or are sitting at an unflattering angle, I will suggest other activities or locations where we might see you in a more flattering light. I am also skilled in getting posed pictures that don’t look unnatural.

So lets have some fun and capture some memories! Contact me today!